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April 10, 2020
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Choosing an Appropriate Picture Frame Mat

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When selecting an appropriate picture frame mat there are a variety of colors and styles available on the market today. You can get a mat with a white core that when cut shows a lip of white for contrast, or you can choose a mat that is a solid color throughout. Mats come in solid colors and also with subtle designs and veining. Given all the options available, it is important to remember that the quality of the mat is the most important consideration when choosing a mat for your picture frames; then you can consider color, size or texture. The best choice for a mat is 100% cotton rag or acid and lignin free board. When selecting a mat, keep the following in mind:

Transitional Mat: A transitional mat is the mat that touches your picture. The most prevalent color around the exterior of the art piece is captured with the transitional mat.

Depending upon what colors are used in the picture, if there are equal warm and cool tones, the mat should match the bottom third of the picture. For the most complementary mat, do not choose one that has a more color intensity than the picture. If you are choosing a double mat configuration, don't choose mats that have more contrast than the contrast in your picture.

Accent Mat: An accent mat is the mat in the center of a set of triple mats. The center mat is usually used to pull accent colors used in the picture. The accent mat, if used correctly, helps the eye move across the artwork without distraction from other components, like the picture frame or the other two mat colors.

To lessen the impact of a strong color accent mat simply lessen the exposed area of the mat. If you are unfamiliar with how to measure and cut a mat or you lack the equipment to do so, consult a professional framer for help.

Top Mat: The top mat no matter how wide or narrow needs to be chosen carefully because it provides more visual impact on a framed picture.

When using a dark color top mat you need to balance it by using more than one mat. An additional mat will help give your picture a richer more finished look or provide more contrast, as when using a black top mat and white transitional mat framing a black and white print.

A wider top mat will lend a more simplified look to your picture. A wide mat has less visual detail close to the artwork but it can still have a lot of impact. Cut the mat so it is wider at the bottom edge than on the top edge and you have a simplified look that is also elegant and classic.

One thing to remember if you are framing a piece of artwork to sell, you don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive matting or picture frames. Most likely, the person who purchases your painting will reframe it to fit with their dcor. It is best to use a white or off-white mat when there is white in the picture or choose a grey or black mat if they enhance the picture more. It is also suggested that you frame your picture in a simple black picture frame because black will add a classic look to any color mat.

Most galleries and museums prefer artwork framed with a single mat. It gives the artwork a simple, yet contemporary look. With a single mat surrounding your artwork, there are no distractions and your picture is enhanced and allowed to shine on its own.


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