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May 24, 2020
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Custom Car DVD Player

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The Navstar NT110G Car DVD Player offers great-sounding reception of HD Radio channels and subchannels, with seamless transitioning between digital and analog signals. When displaying HD Radio multicast substations, the NT110G displays additional information for the actual channel.

The Navstar NT110G Car DVD Player is has a built in digital AM-FM Radio tuner module, which, also allows the reception of digital radio broadcasts when available. The device is fairly straightforward: you install it just as you would any other auto stereo receiver, but you will receive so much more.

By applying the built in iPod Connect Feature, the Navstar NT110G receiver, gains the ability to iTunes Tag song information. When playing back an HD Radio broadcast that includes artist and song title information in its text stream, alternatively hold down the select button on the receiver to save the metadata onto your iPod. Later, when you connect your iPod to your computer for syncing, a new playlist will appear in iTunes under the Store heading called "Tagged." In this playlist will be the songs tagged earlier with--if available in the iTunes Store--a 30-second clip. If you still like the song at this point, you'll be able to download the song from the iTunes Store.

For drivers with back seat passengers, there are lots of other features like; Built-In Car GPS Navigation, BlueTooth, a Universial TV Tuner, and much more. Add a back seat screen or Head Rest Monitor, for your passengers to watch Movies or Favorite TV Shows, as you drive.

Navstar enhances their Custom Car DVD Players with a built-in GPS Navigation System to exactly match your vehicle's dash opening and wiring and you'll even get to keep your steering wheel controls and other factory options. The built-in mounting brackets and included plug-and-play wiring harnesses let you install the receiver without much splicing of wires or modification of your dash. The thoughtfully designed graphical user interface GUI makes it easy to take command of your Car DVD Player and Car GPS Navigation System.

The increased sound quality and functionality makes the Navstar NT110G Car DVD Player a worthwhile Navstar receiver.

For the do it yourself installer, installation of the NT110G is as simple as removing the old unit and installing the new car stereo. All of their connectors are included for proper installation.

Everything is built into this power house, like the ability to play many different formats of media, such as; MP3, MP4 DIVX, MPEG, WMA, JPEG, DVD, DVD-R, MP3, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW CD-ROM, and more.

There is also a Automatic Rear View Camera Facilities is Built In Rear Parking Camera is Optional, Picture In Picture Functionality, of the DVD Player, Television, Radio, Bluetooth Functions, Navigational Mode, and Auxiliary Mode, and many more advanced features. The Navstar NT110G Car DVD Player's engaging design means that it can stand up to a fair amount of road abuse from bumps and things.


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