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July 15, 2020
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How Much Of Your Home Decorating Involves Photos Of You And Your Loved Ones?

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Welcome to the digital age--where taking and sharing photographs with the entire world can happen in an instant. But after you have posted pictures of your family reunion on your favorite social networking site, and all your friends and family members have made their goofy or sentimental comments--what then?

If I were to step into the closet in your master bedroom, would I find a box overflowing with photographs printed from disposable camera--pictures of bygone days, before memory cards and 12.0 megapixels? What are you going to do with those, anyway? I hate to be the one to say it, but they can't last forever just sitting like that, you know. But they can be immortalized in other ways.

Look, as much as I love sharing my photos with my friends on the Internet, sometimes it just isn't enough. And I don't think you should be satisfied with it, either.

Take a look around your house. How many of the works of art featured are pictures of you, your family, and other loved ones? If that answer is either "none," or, "just a few," you need to change that. Do you have a framed picture of your spouse, your best friend, or your parents that you can grasp from your bedside? If the answer is "no," or, "none of the above," it's time to change that, too, right now.

Sit down with your box (or boxes, as the case may be) and sort through them. If you have countless photographs, you may have to divide this project among a few days.

Try to sort them into chronological order if you are able--this makes it much easier to go back and reference certain pictures or just find them later. If you need help remembering, try calling up family members or friends. Trust me when I say this is a lot more fun than it sounds.

Make sure you have multiple copies of as many photographs as possible. You do not want to lose connections to cherished memories because a singular photo gets torn, stained, or goes missing.

Plus, you will often find that as you rekindle those memories with friends and family, they will want copies of your pictures from Christmas '97 or that one goofy group date from four years ago, on which Julie met her husband Ken.

Then pick out a few of your favorites. Find creative ways to frame them and incorporate them into the rest of your home decorating. I know that I love to use thrift stores to find both funky and conventional frames so that I don't have to pay department store prices.

I know that having pictures of my family and the good times with my best friends has been such a comfort as I have moved from apartment to apartment and even state to state, hoping to find a home of my own. It always reminds me of where I came from and that there are always people out there that love me, no matter where I am.


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