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July 26, 2020
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DIY: Bridal Shower Guide

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A bridal shower is meant to be a memorable event. Organizing one though may become a memorable event too yet not so positive one.

Indeed organizing bridal shower is a huge task that requires a lot of good planning, coordination, money and imagination. Some would prefer to hire a professional party company to organize their bridal shower. This is a costly solution but it saves a lot of stress and pressure. On the other hand, setting up an amazing bridal shower with no professional help brings much more fun and much more moments to remember. Here are a few tips for organizing your own bridal shower.

Get help. Even if a small number of people are invited to your bridal shower, its organization is still not easy. Moreover any future bride has enough tasks and worries on her head. Get your mother and your maids to help you. Relax, this doesn't mean your will be out of the picture, its just that you will give instructions and have more people to run your errands.

Set a budget. Setting a limit of your spending is vital. A bridal shower is much more than a regular event and it is easy to overspend. Try to come up with a realistic number and do not exceed it.

The venue. Traditionally a bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor. Of course a close friend of the bride can also host the party. If any of these is impossible, than choose a nice place - your favorite restaurant for example and held it there.

Guest list. First of all decide if it's going to be a girls-only night or couples. Than make the guest list. The number of the guest should correspond to your budget and the venue for the event. Do not worry if you cannot invite all of your friends or colleagues - sometimes this is simply not possible especially for people who have a lot of acquaintances. You can invite them to your wedding or even meet then afterwards.

Plain or themed. Most of the bridal showers have a specific theme - lingerie, Victorian romance, ethnic and so on. The overall look of the place where the party will take place should correspond the theme chosen as well as the invitations and even the gifts. While a themed bridal shower will be fun, a regular one will also leave a lot of bright memories. If you are not keen on decoration or don't want to spend extra money go for a plain party.

The menu. If you are throwing a themed party the menu should reflect it. If it's a regular party just try to reflect the dietary needs of the people who are invited. Obviously this doesn't mean to prepare a different meal for every single gust. The simples decision is to go for a menu of traditional meals.

Have fun. Although the tenuous preparations and the anxiety included make sure you are relaxed for the party night. Rely as much as possible on your friends who are helping you to organize the party and concentrate on the celebration side. After all a bridal shower is a once in a lifetime event.


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