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October 16, 2020
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Exploring Nature As A Family

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The great outdoors has so much to offer. A wonderful way to spend quality time together as a family is to get outside and explore nature. There are endless activities to experience, wherever your interests and passions lie. You can hike, bike, swim, bird-watch, visit a park or just be out in your garden. If you are looking for fun ways to spend time with your family, here are some suggestions for exploring nature.

Visit Your Neighborhood Park

Most neighborhoods have at least one park within walking distance of homes. Spending a morning or afternoon at the park can be a great way to have fun together as a family and enjoy nature. Whether a small park with just a play area and lawn or larger park with walking trails, sports fields and picnic area, you can find something to entertain your family. Parks have more to offer than man-made structures. Take time to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves or spring flowers, the squirrels and birds or caterpillars and other bugs. Don't forget to take your camera so you can capture the beauty of nature and your family enjoying it. Choose a couple of good photos and display them in your home in nature-themed picture frames.

Take a Hike

A great form of exercise that almost everyone can enjoy is walking. Interesting hiking trails can be found just about everywhere. Find a trail that will appeal to everyone in your family and be sure it is suited to everyone's abilities and needs. If a small child will be in a stroller, choose a level paved path. If your family enjoys hiking, let each person choose their favorite trail each time you go out. Paths change with the seasons, so you are sure to have a new experience each time you hike. A view of spring flowers will look entirely different when cloaked in fall color. The view changes entirely when snow is on the ground. No matter what time of year you hike, you will be exploring nature, spending time with your family, and getting a good dose of fresh air and exercise.

Ride a Bike

If you are fortunate to live in a city that has bike trails, you may just need to go out your front door to find the perfect place to ride. If everyone in your family enjoys riding, a bicycle can be a great way to explore and enjoy nature. Your family outing could include a ride to a specific destination, like a park or lake, or no destination at all, just a fun day of cycling along the trails. Before you head out, be sure everyone has an appropriate helmet and knows bike safety rules. Small children can have a lot of fun riding in a bike trailer attached to a parent's bike.

Visit the Zoo

If your family hasn't visited a zoo lately, it might be time to see what you've been missing. Zoos offer an inexpensive way to enjoy time with your family. Whether you visit a big zoo with lots of exotic animals or a small zoo for rehabilitating and caring for local wildlife, your visit can be an educational and fun experience for the entire family. A zoo offers a great opportunity for taking photographs. Your children will enjoy posing with animals in a petting zoo or they may also enjoy taking their own pictures. Let them take a camera of their own to snap whatever interests them. You can then help your child share his snapshots with friends by displaying them in fun hanging picture frames in a bedroom or playroom.


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